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Earn from your charger

EV Charging for Everyone

How does pricing work? Costs and Earnings

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Share your charger

Become a HOST share access to your charger and EARN

Chargey allows you to share access to your own personal EV charger, enabling us to help everyone access an EV charge point at a cost-effective rate.


Hosts - Choose how much you want to charge per HOUR for access to your EV charger.


Customers - View and book real-time availability of all hosts available points using our APP. Once booked make payment effortlessly, the booking is yours and we keep you updated on your whole journey.


Average Costs

What Chargey Offers

Chargey's ultimate goal is to allow EV users access to over 30,000 residential charge points in the UK, with these simple steps.

Domestic Charge Point Access

Our average HOST charges just over £1 per hour, this included a booked space and of course charging your vehicle during the process.

Real-Time App

One app to manage profile, vehicles, and charging points effortlessly.

Easy online payments

Simplify the process of booking and payment for EV charging hosts.

How do Chargey make money?

Chargey fees

Chargey has a very simple charging process.

The app is ZERO cost to all our customers, this includes message updates, real-time booking and 2-way communication with Hosts. 

Once a Host has set up a charge point, they select how much they wish to charge for its availability per hour. This will vary from host to host on a range of factors, including location and their personal costs for electricity.

Our recommended minimum charge is 80p per hour.

Once a Customer makes a booking, they make payment for their booking via our app. From this charge, Chargey takes 10% as an administration fee, everything else is sent directly to the host.

How much can I earn?

Tailor your EV charge rate

Our app allows hosts to choose there own EV charger rate per hour, we give a minimum recommendation, but please see an example calculation below:


Host charger rate set as £2 per hour


Host recieves 4 hour booking


Customer pays £8 total fee


Host receives £7.20 payment (after Chargey fee)


Host pays £1.08 for Electricity, based on average cost in the UK

Profit to Host for this single 4-hour booking;


Carly Lake, Surrey

“Chargey has been a game changer for me! My Office only has two charge points which always seem to be taken, via Chargey I found a local charger which I now use a couple of times a week."
Electric Car

Get started

Ready to join the Chargey revolution

Chargey allows you to share your home charger with everyone, helping us all to reduce CO2 emissions

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